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a(CHEBI:Anatabine) decreases a(MESH:Microglia) View Subject | View Object

In addition, anatabine markedly decreased the Iba1 immunostaining in the spinal cord of EAE mice showing that anatabine reduces the infiltration of macrophage/ microglia in the spinal cord of EAE mice (Fig. 10) PubMed:23383175

a(CHEBI:Anatabine) decreases path(HP:"Limb muscle weakness") View Subject | View Object

Importantly, approximately 70% of the mice in the placebo group developed hind-limb weakness or paralysis compared to only 20% in the anatabine treatment group (Fig. 1C) showing that the mice treated with anatabine displayed significantly milder disease symptoms than the placebo group PubMed:23383175

a(CHEBI:Anatabine) positiveCorrelation a(GO:"myelin sheath") View Subject | View Object

Interestingly, anatabine significantly prevented demyelination associated with EAE in the spinal cord (Fig. 12) PubMed:23383175

a(CHEBI:Anatabine) decreases bp(HBP:Astrogliosis) View Subject | View Object

A marked increase in GFAP immunostaining was also observed in the spinal cord of EAE mice and was significantly suppressed by the anatabine treatment showing that anatabine prevents astrogliosis in the spinal cord of EAE mice (Fig. 11) PubMed:23383175

a(CHEBI:Anatabine) decreases bp(HBP:Microgliosis) View Subject | View Object

Interestingly, a significant reduction in the number of IBa1 immunopositive microglial cells was found in the hippocampus and medulla of anatabine treated EAE mice (Fig. 8) PubMed:23383175


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