BEL Commons

An environment for curating, validating, and exploring knowledge assemblies encoded in Biological Expression Language (BEL) to support elucidating disease-specific, mechanistic insight.

Disclaimer: this is a scientific prototype that has been developed in an academic capacity, and thus comes with no warranty or guarantee of maintenance, support, or back-up of data.


Parse BEL script, validate its contents, perform automatic enrichment, and generate a network summary.

Upload BEL


View summaries and statistics over curated networks and as a first step towards exploration, visualization, and analysis.

Network Catalog


Build a network by investigating the knowledge related to interesting biological entities, chemical matter, authors, or publications.

Build Query


Tools for generating BEL script stubs, merging BEL namespace files, or curation feedback on BEL namespace files.


View the underlying namespaces and annotations along with their respective uniform resource locators and version numbers.

Future Work

PyBEL is in constant development. Join us on the core, analytical tools, or notebooks repositories for upcoming code, protocols, and pipelines and additional entries in Bio2BEL.


BEL Commons is developed and maintained in an academic capacity by Charles Tapley Hoyt and Daniel Domingo-Fernández at the Fraunhofer SCAI Department of Bioinformatics with support from the IMI project, AETIONOMY. It is built on top of the open source project, PyBEL. Please feel free to contact us here to give us feedback or report any issues.