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p(MGI:Vegfc) increases bp(GO:"stem cell proliferation") View Subject | View Object

Increased expression of VEGF-C in the adult brain has previously been shown to boost proliferation of neural stem cells in the hippocampus PubMed:30046111

a(CHEBI:"amyloid fibril") positiveCorrelation a(HBP:HBP00074) View Subject | View Object

In addition, the load of AβO deposits significantly correlated with fibrillar Aβ plaque deposition as well as with neuronal loss and numbers of astrocytes, although not with memory deficits. PubMed:29196815

a(CHEBI:"amyloid-beta polypeptide 42") negativeCorrelation path(MESH:"Alzheimer Disease") View Subject | View Object

Despite enhanced Aβ42 accumulation in AD brain (Lewczuk et al. 2003), concentrations of monomeric Aβ42 in the CSF of AD patients are decreased PubMed:29196815

a(CTO:"Mini_Mental_State_Examination") negativeCorrelation a(HBP:HBP00074) View Subject | View Object

Furthermore, the authors demonstrated significant, negative correlation of AβO number with the MMSE scores, what indicates that sFIDA readout seems to reflect the severity of AD, similar to the results described above. PubMed:29196815

a(HBP:HBP00018) causesNoChange bp(GO:"neuron death") View Subject | View Object

On the contrary, no relationship between total Aβ plaque burden and number of astrocytes or neurons was found (da Rocha-Souto et al. 2011). PubMed:29196815


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