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act(a(MESH:"Lymphatic Vessels")) increases bp(GO:"fear response") View Subject | View Object

A significant difference between control groups and visudyne with photoconversion group was observed in the cued test of the CFC (Extended Data Fig. 5e, f), which points to an impairment in fear memory and in hippocampal– amygdala neuronal circuitry in mice with impaired meningeal lymphatic vessel function PubMed:30046111

p(HGNC:RIN1) decreases bp(GO:"fear response") View Subject | View Object

Conversely, deletion of the neuronal rab5 GEF, rin1, reduces rab5 activation, increases LTP induction in the amygdala, and enhances fear learning and memory, most likely by increasing surface levels of AMPA receptors (Dhaka et al. 2003). PubMed:22908190

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