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neurite retraction
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a(CHEBI:Thrombin) increases bp(HBP:"neurite retraction") View Subject | View Object

A recent study showed that thrombin is elevated in microvessels isolated from AD brain compared to microvessels from control brain (33). Additionally, thrombin was present in the CSF of AD patients but not in that of controls (33). This is important, as thrombin can act as a neurotoxin by activating intracellular signaling cascades causing neurite retraction and stimulating apoptosis (34–36) PubMed:24027553

p(HGNC:MAPT, frag("?", "17kD")) increases bp(HBP:"neurite retraction") View Subject | View Object

On the one hand, expressing a 17-kDa fragment of tau based on calpain cleavage site mapping in hippocampal neurons led to neurite retraction and the appearance of varicosities after 48 h (52). Additionally, suppressing calpain activity in a fly model of tauopathy prevented neurodegeneration, as did expressing a calpain-resistant form of tau (54). PubMed:24027553

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