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p(MGI:Otub1, var("p.Cys91Ala")) causesNoChange p(MGI:Mapt, pmod(Ph, Ser, 202), pmod(Ph, Thr, 205)) View Subject | View Object

Immunostaining and biochemical analysis, 2 months postinjection, unambiguously revealed that the catalytically dead mutant C91A did not affect AT8-stained Tau in vivo, while N-terminal truncated mutant of Otub1 increased AT8-positive Tau in vivo, similarly as wild-type Otub1 (Fig. 8). PubMed:28083634

p(MGI:Otub1, var("p.Cys91Ala")) causesNoChange a(HBP:"Tau oligomers") View Subject | View Object

This revealed significantly increased oligomeric Tau forms, following expression of wild-type Otub1, but not following expression of GFP or of the catalytically inactive form of Otub1 (C91A) (Fig. 8c). PubMed:28083634


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