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composite(a(CHEBI:sirolimus), p(HGNC:MAPT, var("p.Ala152Thr"))) increases bp(GO:"neuron death") View Subject | View Object

When measuring cell viability using the MTT assay, we found that patient-specific neurons are more sensitive than control neurons to cell death induced by rapamycin (Figure 3B) but not by staurosporine or rotenone (Figures S3B and S3C), suggesting compromised function in the mTOR pathway or related molecular pathways PubMed:27594586

composite(a(CHEBI:sirolimus), p(HGNC:MAPT, var("p.Ala152Thr"))) increases bp(GO:"cell death") View Subject | View Object

However, in another study, iPSC-derived tau A152T and MAPT IVS 10+16 (a tau splice mutant) cortical neurons had increased cell death in response to rapamycin treatment, although basal cell death was ∼10 times higher in these tau mutants relative to controls, making interpretation of the work difficult [134]. PubMed:29758300


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