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a(HBP:"Tau aggregates") causesNoChange a(GO:membrane) View Subject | View Object

In our hands, these aggregated tau species formed in different conditions did not show any significant release of LDH when applied on the differentiated SH-SY5Y cells (Supplementary Fig. 8A), and they did not show a significant reduction in cell viability by the MTTassay (Supplementary Fig. 8B). PubMed:28528849

p(HBP:"Tau oligomers", var("p.Lys280del")) causesNoChange a(GO:membrane) View Subject | View Object

There was no significant change in the LDH release in oligomer-treated cells compared with controls indicating that TauRDΔK oligomers do not compromise the membrane integrity (Supplementary Fig. 5G-H). PubMed:28528849

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