PubMed 25331948

We found that Syk inhibition with the selective Syk inhibitor BAY61-3606 suppresses Aβ production in 7W CHO cells overexpressing APP (Fig. 6A).

PubMed 25331948

Interestingly, Aβ production in 7W CHO cells transfected with SYK shRNA compared with 7W CHO cells (Fig. 6C) was significantly reduced, further demonstrating the involvement of Syk in the regulation of Aβ production.

PubMed 25331948

We show that the selective Syk inhibitor BAY61-3606 stimulates the transport of Aβ across the BBB in vitro mimicking the biological activity of (-)-nilvadipine in this model (Fig. 7A).

act(p(HGNC:SYK)) decreases tloc(a(CHEBI:"amyloid-beta"), fromLoc(GO:intracellular), toLoc(MESH:Plasma))
Blood-Brain Barrier


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