PubMed 22908190

Endocytic pathway up-regulation in AD stemming in part from pathological rab 5 activation generates higher levels of Ab (Mathews et al. 2002; Grbovic et al. 2003) that must be cleared in part by lysosomes.

PubMed 22908190

Pathological rab5 activation, which in Down syndrome is dependent on bCTF generation (Jiang et al. 2010), can up-regulate endocytosis in a manner functionally equivalent to the elevated endocytosis associated with increased synaptic activity, which is considered a source of Ab generation (Cirrito et al. 2008).

act(p(HGNC:RAB5A)) increases bp(GO:endocytosis)
Down Syndrome

PubMed 22908190

Pathological Rab5 activation driving endocytic dysfunction in AD may negatively impact longterm potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD) aspects of synaptic plasticity closely associated with learning and memory (Kessels et al. 2009)


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